How Swaran Mini Market added an additional 25% of revenue by delivering on Snappy Shopper

Swaran Mini Market, nestled in a neighborhood on the outskits of Doncaster, stands out as a Today Local facia with a bustling post office. Inside you'll find an extensive selection of grocery essentials, including fresh produce, beers, wines, newspapers, and more.

In a bid to adapt during Covid-19, Swaran Mini Market partnered with Snappy Shopper to provide their customers with fast 30-60 minute grocery delivery. With the pandemic behind them, Swaran Mini Market have continued to grow their grocery delivery service on Snappy Shopper that now adds an additional 25% of revenue to their store.

We caught up Amit from Swaran Mini Market to understand how he managed to achieve this amazing success:

Why did you choose Snappy Shopper?

The low charges compared to similar delivery apps were a huge positive for us when considering Snappy Shopper. Also, the low-risk and hassle-free setup made it easy for us to get started!

How was demand in your area when you launched and what order volume are you seeing today?

There was no grocery delivery service in our area, we were the first to launch during Covid. We built a strong, loyal customer base in our area and we’re proud to say that we have continued to grow our delivery revenue and customers post-pandemic.

What aspects of Snappy Shopper do you enjoy the most?

Snappy Shopper makes it easy for us to create products and update existing ones. This allows us to ensure our pricing is accurate and easily offer product promotions to our customers.

We have also been particularly impressed with their new customer promotions to get new customers ordering from our store and covering the cost of the new customer discount.

What would you say to retailers considering Snappy Shopper?

Do not hesitate! Snappy Shopper is by far the best platform around for convenience stores. Their support is always there and the charges are competitive compared to others on the market.


What initiatives were crucial to Swaran Mini Market's success on Snappy Shopper?

Active Social Media Presence

Swaran Mini Market would post regular and engaging content on Facebook about Snappy Shopper that helped the store stay connected with its community and build brand loyalty. By sharing updates on new product arrivals, special promotions, and community events, Swaran Mini Market ensured a constant presence in the minds of its customers and would always drive them to order on Snappy Shopper for delivery.

Striking Van Wrap

When growing their delivery service, Swaran Mini Market invested in an eye-catching van wrap so that they were always visible in their local community. This tactic is a proven way for Snappy Shopper retailers to build a robust delivery model, and Swaran Mini Market is no exception.

Active Participation in Snappy Shopper Promotions

Swaran Mini Market capitalised on the promotional opportunities offered by Snappy Shopper. By actively participating in platform-wide promotions, such as discounted product offers or exclusive bundles for Snappy Shopper users, the store attracted a broader customer base while incentivising existing customers also.


Swaran Mini Market's success story serves as a testament to the power of grocery delivery for local convenience stores. At Snappy Shopper, we recognise that customers require both value and convenience, while retailers need support to sustain and expand their business. Our low-commission model helps businesses protect their margins and maintain fair pricing for their customers, and we're proud to be working with amazing retailers such as Amit from Swaran Mini Market.


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