Mars Wrigley increases sales by over 120% with Snappy Shopper

Snappy Shopper is a market leader in the Q-commerce convenience grocery sector. We proudly work with thousands of independent and groups stores throughout the UK, partnering with many of the major convenience store players. Snappy Shopper exists to enable and support local high street businesses to grow through 30-60 minute delivery and provide customers with a fast, convenient way to order groceries online.

With thousands of weekly active customers, Snappy Shopper provides a great platform for brands to showcase their products. We work with brands to deliver long term sustainable growth which benefits our retailers not only with additional sales, but by helping them acquire new, loyal customers by giving them easier access to the leading products they want to buy.

The effectiveness of our brand campaigns was recently proven with Mars Wrigley. From 10th-24th July, the campaign titled 'Win Big on Treats' was executed on the Snappy app and website. Promoting 6 key treat bags from the Maltesers, M&M's Peanut and Minstrels ranges, customers were shown the products throughout various points of their shopper journey by leveraging the Snappy technology and insight into our customer shopping behaviours.

The campaign included a competition element where customers could win up to £500 by purchasing any of the participating products via Snappy, where their order number would go into a draw following the end of the campaign.

By increasing visibility of the products in a customer shopping journey and shortening the process of adding them to basket, we reduce the lead times between consideration and conversion.

Above are examples of the in app activity with homepage banner and category level banner left, which linked to an exclusive Mars Wrigley category in the app, where participating products could be added to basket as shown on the third screen. Finally on the right is an example of a participating product recommended at checkout. In addition, the products were given search priority, when customers searched for treats, snacks, chocolate and sharing within menu and all products were positioned at the top of the confectionery category across all store menus. We also drove traffic to the app with customer lead communications.

The results

Over the 2 weeks' activation, sales of the six promoted products grew significantly as shown below. A 116% increase in units sold, and over 120% increase in revenue WoW with multiple stores taking their share, with no discount coupons or deals applied to any participating products.

As well as the success story for Mars, Snappy and our retailers, we also had three delighted winning customers from the campaign, sharing a prize pot totaling £1,000.

Though the Mars campaign featured a win mechanic, this isn’t necessary for campaign success as Tom Yardy, Brand Campaign Manager added, “We have run multiple campaigns for brands in many instances the key message is simply awareness. We ran a recent campaign for Fox’s Burton Biscuits where 5 of their most popular products saw a 400% uplift in sales over just a week! Our campaigns work for brands - be it established, well selling products or brand new to market products where we can offer sampling as well as boosting visibility.”

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