Dr. Oetker sees 312% increase in sales of the Chicago Town twin packs on Snappy Shopper

With National Pizza Day on the horizon, Dr. Oetker worked with Snappy Shopper to promote their Chicago Town Pizza twin packs on our grocery delivery platform. This partnership led to a mouthwatering two-week campaign featuring a tempting £1 off incentive. The results? A sizzling success story of increased sales, heightened brand awareness, and delighted customers.

The promotion, strategically launched over National Pizza Day, aimed to capitalise on the heightened interest and maximise awareness of the promotion. By offering a generous discount on Dr. Oetker's popular Chicago Town Pizza twin packs, Snappy Shopper sought to not only boost sales but also create buzz around the brand and its products with our customers and retailers.

The numbers speak for themselves

  • The impact of this collaboration was nothing short of impressive.
  • Sales skyrocketed, with a remarkable 312% increase in units sold during the promotional period.
  • This surge in sales translated into a 309% increase in RSV (Retail Sales Value), indicating a significant boost in revenue generated through the campaign.
  • Furthermore, the average basket share saw a staggering 296% increase, showcasing the effectiveness of the promotion in encouraging customers to add more items to their carts.

Fueled by remarkable retailers

One of the key factors contributing to the success of the campaign was the widespread awareness generated among Snappy Shopper's network of retailers. By heavily promoting the promotion to partner stores, Snappy Shopper ensured that the Chicago Town Pizza twin packs were prominently featured and easily accessible to customers browsing the platform.

Snappy Shopper retailers were also provided with social media content to share on their channels, increasing awareness and redemptions from customers.


Maximising growth opportunities with Snappy

Equally crucial was the strategic promotion targeted at Snappy Shopper customers. Through targeted marketing efforts, Snappy Shopper effectively communicated the twin pack offer to our user base, enticing them to take advantage of the exclusive discount whilst on the app.

The collaboration between Snappy Shopper and Dr. Oetker not only drove immediate sales but also laid the groundwork for long-term brand loyalty. 

Dael Links, our Head of Brand Partnerships said, "I'm thrilled by the remarkable 312% sales increase of Dr. Oetker's Chicago Town twin packs. This success highlights the power of strategic collaborations and targeted promotions. Together, we've boosted revenue and elevated brand awareness, showcasing our commitment to delivering results for our partners and value to our customers."

In conclusion, the Snappy Shopper and Dr. Oetker partnership exemplifies how strategic collaborations and targeted promotions can yield impressive results, driving sales, and enhancing brand awareness. With its innovative approach to delivery and marketing, Snappy Shopper continues to prove itself as a dynamic force in the ever-evolving landscape of online grocery shopping.



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